HomedialogueA statement by several parties in northern Syrian about participation in Sochi

A statement by several parties in northern Syrian about participation in Sochi

After the meeting of several parties and unions in the northern Syria to discuss what is happening on the Syrian political scene, as well many of the conferences were held without attendance who liberate Raqqa city and the countryside of Deir Al-Zour. They issued a statement confirming their right to participate and attend Sochi conference which be held in late January.

This is the text of the statement:
Almost seven years after the complex Syrian crisis, the war machine continues to spread murder and destruction which is the most prominent scene. The talks in Geneva and other conferences did not succeed in finding a peaceful solution to the crisis, as a result of regional interventions and the exclusion of active forces from the presence. Although Syrian Democratic Forces have been able to defeat the terrorist organization and its sisters in support and coordination with the international coalition led by the United States of America as well as Russian in some areas, liberating vast areas of Syrian areas from the terrorism. But, they were excluded with representatives of Self-Administration and political entities in northern Syria from attending international forums such as Geneva, Astana and others under the pressure of the Turkish state. That it is the hate the Kurdish people and not with the interests of the Syrian people in all its forms and components. Therefore, and because of the lack of real representation of the Syrian people and their political and military forces on the ground in these forums, they all failed to stop the cycle of war, as well they could not find a political solution under international supervision, in the frame of Democratic Federal Syria.

As for the Russian endeavor to hold the Sochi Conference for National Dialogue, to be held in late January, attended by all the political and national components, we as the parties represented by the Self-Administration and signatory to this statement, express our support for any conference that will end tyranny and achieve peace. We confirm that we have the right to attend the conference to represent our people, and we will do our role in contributing to the resolution of this crisis, which has become a tragedy that our people pay their taxes every day, blood and destruction. We believe that the most important factors for the success of this conference are:

1 – The participation in this conference must be under the name of Democratic Self-Administration and political forces in northern Syria, as we represent the political will of the entities and social forces in the region; we will not participate otherwise as individuals or persons from the components of northern Syria.

2 – The preparation of the conference is not subject under the will of the Turkish government, which has positions prejudging and hostile along the line to the Syrian Democratic Forces and other national parties that see the Turkish political and military intervention beyond its borders.

In conclusion, we hope that holding of the Sochi Conference and its success will give the Syrian issue a final solution under international auspices. A new page will be opened from the history of Syria and the history of the international community, which in turn bears some responsibility for prolonging this conflict.

Arab National Authority
Syrian Union Party
Kurdish leftist party in Syria
Syrian Kurdish Democratic Party
Assyrian Democratic Party
Kurdish leftist parties and democrats in Syria
Kurdish National Alliance parties in Syria
Parties of the democratic society movement
Party of the Kurdish brotherhood
Party of the Kurdish Roj

Roj-Ava Youth Federation
Young Woman Federation

Star Conference.


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