Al-Jahez school in Tabqa city makes its walls pictures of the creativity of its students

Since the beginning of the eighth month, Tabqa schools have witnessed an increasing number of students. The teachers, in cooperation with the parents and with the support of the education committee inTabqa, started to open some schools to educate their children and erase years of ignorance lived by the sons of this city during Dahesh reign.

One of the first schools opened in Tabqa city Aljahz School, which opened its doors to students on 1/8/2017 and the number of students today to more than 2500 students, including 1100 students in the first row divided into two, and this school and the initiative of teachers decorating the school drawings From the creativity of the pupils and choose the best painted by the children and decorate the walls of the school to encourage students to draw and instill the spirit of competition among students and express the feelings and desires of students and their wishes.

This initiative is part of a series of activities supported by the Education Committee to restore the joy of children’s souls and alleviate the psychological suffering of children who were subjected to them during Dahesh reign for the city.

Despite all the efforts made by the Education Committee in Tabqa city, but all the schools of the city is still crowded with a large number of students, forcing them to divide the schools to maintain the system of the two boys so that they can accommodate this number of students for several reasons, including parents to educate their children, The presence of several schools destroyed by the war, and, more importantly, the closure of schools for three years during the rule of Dahesh was sufficient to cause overcrowding of students in schools when the Syrian Democratic Forces opened schools and encourage and disseminate education in liberated areas.


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