Al-Jalaa School in rural of Raqqa receives students despite the lack of possibilities

The residents of Al-Jalaa village in cooperation with Raqqa Civil Council and collective efforts by parents and teachers voluntary work to open the school evacuation, and the school was opened on 17/7/2017.

The school receives about 280 students and the school is the only one in the village. The vandalism of doors and windows has been repaired by teachers and parents. The school has 11 teachers, although their work is voluntary.

School manager Rahil al-Kaji stressed that they needed more support from the Education and Humanitarian Organizations Committee, where only one copy of the teachers’ books had been submitted.

There are some problems, which is the problem of heating after the arrival of cold and frosts in addition to a shortage of chalk and blackboards.

It is noteworthy that there is a response from parents to teach their children and children hungry for education.


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