Al-Shaddadi Electricity Corporation continues maintenance operations despite the weakness of the possibilities

Electricity is one of the basic elements of life in our time and can not be dispensed with, and its networks have been destroyed in most of the areas that have witnessed battles against Daesh, as in the city of Al-Shadadi of the southern city of Hasakah, electricity networks are in a deplorable Great lines for service.

The head of the electricity department in Al-Shaddadi city, Atheer Al-Ahmad, stressed that as an electricity company they repaired the repair of the damage caused by the battles against Daesh, according to the possibilities available to them.

The Electricity Department’s workshops have investigated and repaired high voltage lines, in addition to the city’s line and transformer networks, and repair of damaged networks in the city’s rural areas is ongoing.

Al-Ahmad appealed to the competent authorities to provide them with maintenance mechanisms and materials (spare parts, cables, transformers, etc.) and increase the amount of electricity to increase the operating hours of the civil lines in Al-Shaddadi and its suburbs.

Ahmed al-Helou, head of the technical workshop, confirmed that they have repaired the damaged networks and transformers, but that they urgently need engineering tools to complete the repairs.

He appealed to all concerned to extend a helping hand to their institution and to provide all necessary equipment to restore the life cycle to normal and wipe out all the damage that terrorism has caused to his city.


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