Boats in the Euphrates River between past and present

The boats returned today to the facade to be the bridge crossing and the only way closer to close the distance between the banks of the Euphrates River after the war was destroyed all the bridges linking the two banks of the great river.

 In the battles that took place in Raqqa city against the terrorist organization, fishing boats were the only lifeline for civilians in the battles that took place in the city. Hundreds of families managed to escape through these simple boats, despite their simpleness and simplicity after leaving their homes, belongings and cars behind them on the banks of the river.

 But many who were not lucky and were in the range of firefighters fell dead in the river after being targeted by terrorism, turning these boats from boats to death boats to remind us of the death boats that were transporting Syrian refugees from Turkey to Europe.

Mohammed Jassim al-Qanas, owner of a boat, confirmed that they started work ten days ago. The work begins from 7:00 pm to 3:00 pm and the crossing is closed.

 In the beginning, the number of boats 4 was working to get civilians to the other bank, and after the start of the movement of the return of the people to their homes, the movement of work has now become about 25 boats working in the Euphrates River to transport the people.

The sniper pointed out that every day they deliver about 100 people, as the capacity of each boat only 5 people.

It is worth mentioning that most boat owners used it as boats working at low prices to transport people between the banks of the Euphrates River




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