Homemanshetdiscovery of a center was Dahesh taking to record the executions

discovery of a center was Dahesh taking to record the executions

In Rumaila neighborhood and in one of the civilian houses which ISIS called a media center believed to be Amaq agency  through which he was a terrorist calling for their various crimes, many orange death dresses were discovered that were the victims of Dahash dressed and wearing them through recorded videos that the terrorist organization calls it (Asdar) of each killing of the characters had been able to capture in advance.

This orange colour, which became the colour of panic for Raqqa people, which appeared wearing a lot of those killed by ISIS, including the Jordanian pilot Moaaz Kasasbeh and Japanese hostages (Haruna Yukawa) and (Kenji Goto Jogo).

In addition to many rules for the installation of large and medium cameras, indicating the size of the technology that was a ISIS owned and used and the size of the possibilities that were available as a terrorist organization.

In the streets of Raqqa city , Dahash announced the operations of Al-Qassas,(killing) which he wanted to carry out for people who were not important to him, forcing the people of Raqqa city to watch to frighten them all the time.

 He also closed the roads leading to the execution yard, Murder and slaughter, such as AL-Dalaa AL-Sah and AL-Naem   rotary, which is known for the large number of killings in his area, which Raqqa people called the roundabout of hell, was spreading his sniper on the rooftops of high buildings and monitoring any move that might disrupt the killing.



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