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Education Committee: 44500 students in Raqqa schools and its rural areas Education

On 9/12/2017, the Education Committee held a meeting with the committee members and the heads of the educational offices of the Committee at the headquarters of the Education Committee in Ein Issa, to discuss a number of educational issues and the problems and difficulties faced by the educational process.

The meeting began with a silence minute and then Abdul Fattah al-Nasser, Chairman of Education Committee in Raqqa Civil Council, a speech in which he stressed that Syrian Democracy Council and Raqqa civil Council  are the umbrella under which all the committees are included, and we are working and effective on this basis and work seriously and actively within this framework.

A number of members of the Education Committee have conducted a study and statistics on the number of schools, students and all deficiencies and needs in the form of a database they worked on 10 days ago, which can be used to overcome the difficulties facing the educational process.

The heads of the educational offices were also briefed on the number of students, teachers, open schools and the number of people, the development of the response process among students, the emphasis on the prevention of beatings and response to correspondence, and the directives of the chairmanship of the committee.

Al-Nasser appealed to the organizations and the supporting parties to expedite the assistance of the Education Committee on the rehabilitation and equipping of schools

It is worth mentioning that the number of schools reached about 179 schools, the number of the classes 1500 and the number of students about 44500 students.


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