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entertainment party for children and the disabled in Ain Issa town

The Association of Righteousness and Charity(AL-Ber and Ihssan) In Ain Issa town held a ceremony for children and the disabled in order to entertain them and to distance them from the time of war that children have suffered in the last period

The ceremony was attended by the management of Ain Issa camp, the coordinators of UNICEF, the Civil Council and various segments of society

The ceremony began with a silence minute on the souls of Shahid and welcomed Abdul Rahman al-Aboud, one of the members of Amal project guests honored participants in the ceremony.

He pointed out that the purpose of this concert is entertaining children and supporting them psychologically and morally, and the slaves that their goal to provide a small part of the children and to remove them from the current circumstances of the war.

The dance sessions were performed by children, Children with disabilities, who danced and sang joyfully

In the end, sweets and drinks were served and everyone was thanked.


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