Friday rites in Ain Issa camp

Friday is a special day in most countries. It is a weekend, a holiday after a working week, and a social day. The social relations, activities and visits are very frequent. The situation did not change for the displaced in Ain Issa camp.

People are shopping from the camp market to buy their needs of vegetables, fruits, foodstuffs and smiles over their lips, as the campaign for the distribution of heaters and kaz, as well as the distribution of aid and food, continues with the distribution of aid and a mass rally of people to receive their aid.

The children are the most active and vital part of the camp. They have a large and vibrant energy. They play, dance and sing. Some of them go to the playground to play football, and some of them play soccer. Those who play Daha (small balls)and some of them playing tug-of-war and also heading section of them to play the Table.)

The residents of the camp expressed their joy at liberating their city and all hope to return to it soon. Until then, they spend their time working. In the holidays, they search for what they fill in their free time by retrieving old games they used.

 There are always people in constant movement inside the camp so that some people have raised pets (in the camp, Such as chicken, pigeons, etc)



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