Health Committee at Raqqa Civil Council sends a batch of drugs to AL-Kasrat National hospital

Today, the Health Committee at Raqqa Civil Council sent a batch of medicines to AL-Kasrat village in Eastern Deir AL-Zour rural.

The member of the Health Committee Mustafa Abdo confirmed that they have processed a batch of drugs that were brought from the warehouses of the National Hospital previously, and will be transferred today of a batch of these drugs to  AL-Kasrat National hospital, and will be distributed a number of payments to other health centers.

Dr. Firas Mamdouh Al-Fahd, Chairman of the Health Committee at the Civil Council, confirmed that this contribution from Raqqa Civil Council to the Health Bureau to the displaced persons of Abu Khashab camp is a duty for us, the people of tenderness towards our people in Deir El-Zour.

We, as we needed our brothers in Kobany, Now we are ready to offer all we have to help our people in Syria northern regions.


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