Health Committee at Tabqa Civil Council seeks to standardize the prices of medicines in pharmacies

The Health Committee of Tabqa  Civil Council is currently seeking to standardize the prices of medicines in all pharmacies in Tabqa city and its rural, which amounted to more than 40 pharmacies . As decreased the prices of medicines by 30 to 40% than it was six months ago

 There are 12 drug stores in the city. Most of these drugs reach Tabqa city from Manbaj. its enter Manbaj in an official manner supervised by the health committee there, and then check it and then turn it into warehouses in the north of Syria.

Obeid Ibrahim, a member of the Joint Presidency of the Health Committee in Tabqa Civil Council that the disparity or variation in the prices of medicines is the result of varying in the cost of each drug shipment reach us, although the proportion of pharmacies profits on medicines is between 20 to 30% only.

Obeid pointed out that the Health Committee is seeking, in coordination with the Health Committee in the city of Manbij to control the prices of medicines by identifying two days a week to introduce drugs and determine the quantity, quality and cost, and then distributed to warehouses, and determine the price of the citizen and the Infraction of pharmacies that sell at a price does not meet the price list by specify Health Committee.


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