HomeActivities Health Committee opens the central pharmacy in Ain Issa town

 Health Committee opens the central pharmacy in Ain Issa town

The Health Committee at Raqqa Civil Council opened the Central Pharmacy in Ain Issa.

The pharmacy contains all kinds of medicines and medical supplies needed by the patient.

Where pharmacist Rashad Abdul Qader Muslim said that this pharmacy is for the benefit of the citizen, as they have made a 40% discount on prices for the benefit of camp residents and Shahid families and medicines are available and almost all kinds.

Ahmed Faraj al-Shuaib, a member of the health department at the Health Department in Ain Issa, said that there is consideration for the conditions of the elderly and those in dire need.

He appealed to humanitarian organizations to increase support and provide permanent insurance of medicines, especially medicines for chronic diseases and lost medicines.



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