Life gradually returns to Raqqa city

Life began to gradually return to its former status in Raqqa city , where most of the neighborhoods of the city returned after the Syrian Democratic Forces managed to liberate the city completely from the grip of Dahesh.

And began to wipe out the dust of fatigue that the city has long lived for four consecutive years, without all the components of life, and the sound of the removal of rubble and earth barriers sounded instead of the sound of bullets and bullets, and living conditions are difficult as people suffer from lack of drinking water in addition to the lack of food because of the lack Shops.

More than 7 neighborhoods (Mashlab,AL-Tayyar, Saif al-Dawla, Al-Ma’mun, Al-Saja street) have been returned after cleaning them, removing mines and earth mounds, removing rubble from the streets and opening roads.

Civilians are working hand by hand to rebuild and restore the city and rebuild it as before.


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