Mass graves of civilians who had been killed in Manbij countryside

In the village of Imbo Tomb, east of Manbij city, about 23 km away, the forces of the Manbij military council found a mass grave of civilians who ISIS were holding them at the checkpoints. Local sources and eyewitnesses say that the graves are from 2014.

Where the leader of Manbij military Council( Buzan)stress that there are 3 graves in this area, the first cemetery contains 15 bodies, the second 20 bodies, and the third, the largest and contains 200 bodies, and all these bodies belong to civilians was Dahesh executed them.

Local sources confirmed that elements of ISIS were arresting civilians and then torturing them in the worst ways, and then executed them on the ground by slaughter and shooting.

So far investigations are underway to uncover the latest circumstances of these crimes and other graves of mercenaries.



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