Meeting of Relations Office in Tel Othman town West of Raqqa

At the invitation of the sheikhs and elders of the Al-Buasaf clan, the Office of Foreign Relations of the Syrian Democratic Forces held a meeting in the town of Tal Othman in the western Raqqa countryside to meet the demands of the people of the region and solve their problems and to see the reality of life and their living conditions.

The meeting was attended by the Public Relations Office of the Syrian Democratic Forces, the Director of the Media Center of the Syrian Democratic Forces, the official of the relations office in the town of Srin, and the dignitaries and elders of the Al-Shafrat clan and AL-Aoumayrat clan.

Sheikh Ahmed Al-Jadwa welcomed the attendance and thanked the Office of Relations for their invitation. He stressed that the forces of our liberation and provided us with protection and security. Many members of the clan and the region joined the Syrian democratic forces and participated in the liberation campaign of Raqqa city.

Farhan Haj Issa, head of the Social Relations Office of the Syrian Democratic Forces for Social Affairs, thanked Sheikh Ahmed for the invitation.

He said:”We, as civilians and military, represent Syrian Democratic Forces. We, as a liaison office, represent the social front of our forces, and there is no such army in the world. We are because of the abnormal situation in Syria, our military forces are a state created for the people and an alternative to all groups that emerged in the movement. Syria and an alternative to all the forces that were supposed to protect civilians but unfortunately they killed people and used the policy of scorched earth, and many cities suffered from the abuse of the administration of the army of the regime is a counter to the aspirations and aspirations of the people.

Haj Issa explained that the regime is not looking for a solution and its decision is not internal nor the opposition that formed their governments in Turkey, based in Turkey, which is the seat of their government and their decision is not in their hands and did not taste the bitter taste of the Syrian people.



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