Minors’ Marriage… the early crime

The family is foundation of the societies stability and the core of them, which is the incubator and educator of the generations that contribute to the growth and development of society.

But, many habits and phenomena control society and distort both its nature, as well as the continuity and normal life cycle.

The phenomenon of minors’ marriage or early marriage of girls is a widespread social phenomenon, which it has deep effects on the physical, intellectual, psychological and emotional levels of girls. Therefore, it is the subject of discussion and research in all research centers and international bodies related to children and child care.

In general, the phenomenon of early marriage of girls or minors is a cultural measure of the progress and development of societies at various levels.

It is a flagrant violation of stolen childhood. It often ends with a failure with one or more children; with a girl who does not know how to raise them.

The minors’ marriage ends social ties and disconnects families as a result of the incapacity of the minor to take responsibility for a home, husband, upbringing and child-raising.

The phenomenon of The minors’ marriage is as a result of (Poverty, ignorance, fear and social heritage among people in society), in the belief of some parents that it represents the pureness and fortification of their daughters, not caring about the future of the child as a result of her association with older people and the psychological and social effects on the minor.

Minor Tragedy

(R.A) married when she was not 13 years old, after her parents forced her to marry her cousin, who is 15 years older than the material circumstances of the parents. Not to pass more than a month of marriage until the tragedy began, which she did not understand the reasons and meanings.

She was suffering from a lot of beatings, violence, insulting and cursing because she did not know how to manage the things of the life house, which was yesterday playing with the children of the neighborhood and suddenly found herself responsible for a house who should help in his administration. If she was wrong, she would be punished.

She says that after every punishment of beatings or insults, she thought of committing suicide, because she cannot and does not think about divorce, which is considered a crime of her people and society, which regards divorced women as a woman who is neither normal nor responsible. But, after the worst, and after many failed suicide attempts, He divorced me and the duration of my marriage was just months. I did not have children from him.

I returned to my father’s house, where I was not able to stay at home to be married again to, a 22-year-old man, who forced me to work in a sewing workshop to make money. I was unemployed and I remained there for three years. I was subjected to the worst forms of violence. Then, I left his home, returned to my father’s house until he divorced me, and I had two children.

For the same reasons my father forced me to be married for the third time from my husband, whom I live with now.

“I did not become 18, the third time I get married,” she says. “I do not know what to curse (poverty, illiteracy or neglect of the parents) that I was their victim.

Stolen Childhood

She ran away from her father’s house with her younger brothers to sleep in a mosque near her house for the mistreatment of her father to her and her brothers, which led her to the human beast who exploited her childhood and her need for care, to keep her away from the cruel father’s treatment as well.

(A.A) A 12 years old girl was born and all she knew about life is cruelty of the father and fear of punishment. She was always escape from the house to sleep in mosques or a relative, and the father did not care about her absence.

That night, she was found by a daeshi, in the mosque, sleeping with her brothers. Instead of helping her to return home and talk to the father, but he went to a woman called to ask her wife.

The father, who had been bullied with money, found an opportunity to get rid of the burden of his daughter, so he sold her to 55-year-old daeshi, and his daughter did not exceed 12 years.

The girl suffered and faced violence with this husband, who cares only about his sexual life and his whims. After months of torment, physical and sexual violence, she decided to escape from the house of her husband, and fled to many places; to the areas liberated by Syrian Democratic Forces.

She wants to look for her stolen childhood, which that daeshi has destroyed it.

(N.H) married in age 13 years under pressure from parents, whom consider that the girl has only her husband’s house. Months after her marriage to a young man from Al-Bokamal. Her husband joined daesh. She was beaten and humiliated by her husband, especially after joining daesh. She says, “Life has changed. My husband became someone else. I became a cook and a sexual life. I did not care about anything else. I stay for many days alone, I have fear, with my two children (3 and 2 years). I escaped from the city where my husband lived until I got rid of the suffering I was living and saved my children, hopefully to return home in order to give my children the childhood they deserve.

Ways to reduce early marriages

It requires a change from within the society through the activities of civil society associations, and intensifying awareness campaigns. There must be clear and agreed bases and measures to ensure the reduction of early marriages and to ensure that the girl has full rights as a child, as well as to take action against violations occurring in her right, to form strategies to treat the rights of children, in accordance with the Convention on the Rights of the Child, in addition to eliminate negative cultural attitudes and practices against girls.

laws that might to reduce and enforce early marriage

To give serious attention to the rights of girls, and to take measures in protecting them from exploitation of all kinds.

Achieve gender equality at an early age, within the family and society.

Ensure the participation of girls without discrimination in social, economic and political life.

Eliminate all obstacles that girls may face, and encourage them to develop their potential and skills.


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