Homedialogueopening of the Academy of Shahid Bashar Jaribah for self-defense in the countryside of Raqqa

opening of the Academy of Shahid Bashar Jaribah for self-defense in the countryside of Raqqa

The Academy of Shahid Bashar Jreibah was inaugurated today in the village of Kasra Sheikh Jamaa, 15 km away from Raqqa city . The first courses of the academy were also inaugurated in the name of the course of Shahid Ahmed Raqqa.

The opening was attended by a number of military commanders and members of the civil administration of Tabqa, Asmat Hassan, self-defense officer in Kobany, and Ibrahim Ramo, self-defense official in Manbij.

The opening began with a minute of silence for the souls of Shahid, followed by a military parade for the fighters of the session, and a number of words were thrown.

The opening speech was given by Mohammed Khaled, the joint chairman of the Civil Defense Committee of the city’s civil administration. He congratulated them on the opening of this course and the academy, stressing the importance of the duty of self-defense and its role in defense of the region and that these fighters will defend their region against external aggression.

Marwan al-Khoja, member of the executive board of the democratic civil administration in Tabqa, congratulated the opening and the fighters who will defend their region. This is also what is known as self-defense, that is, defending ourselves, honor and offer.

Ahmad al-Hassoun, a member of the clan reconciliation office, delivered a speech in which he congratulated the fighters and the audience. This great edifice of the academy of martyr Bashar Djeribah for self-defense is an affirmation of the march and defense of our land. Today we bid farewell to the year 2017. Who have lived the scourge of war and the aftermath of oppression.

The number of fighters was 200 fighters and the duration of the 45-day course in which combatants will receive intellectual and military courses, and ended with an artistic ceremony attended by all.


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