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Opening of the center of self-defense in Tabqa city

After the Legislative Council at Tabqa Civil Council approved the law of performance of the duty of self-defense for the protection of institutions and protection of the city, opened the center of self-defense of the class area in the first district.

The opening began with a silence minute for Shahid souls, followed by a military parade of the self-defense elements and a number of words were thrown.

Mohammed Khalid delivered the speech of the Joint Presidency of the Defense Committee in Tabqa Civil Council in which he stressed the importance of performing the duty of self in protecting and enhancing the security of the city, which will form the people of this city as a basis for it.

Tayseer Al-Aafat delivered the speech of Tabqa democratic civil administration area, in which he blessed the city with the opening of this center and called on young people to join the duty of self-defense to protect the city.

Ahmed Awad al-Hussein delivered a speech on behalf of the tribal council in Tabqa city , calling on the people of the city to stand together and solidarity with the democratic forces of Syria under the unified democratic society, and called all the people and the people of the city to return to return to contribute to the reconstruction of our country, Self defense to protect this city.



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