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Organizations Office: Human development and reconstruction are our main goals

On Saturday 2/12/2017, the periodic meeting of humanitarian organizations operating in the northern Syrian was held at the headquarters of the Syrian Democratic Council in in Ein Issa town.
Abdul Qadir Al-Muwahad, a member of the Political Council of the Syrian Democratic Council, said that “We discussed in the meeting, the work done by the organizations last month, related to the obstacles and problems faced, providing the services to our displaced people affected by the war”.
He pointed that “we will focus on human development and the reconstruction of Raqqa. The Syrian Democratic Council has an important orientation towards human development and sustainable projects”.
He added, “We will try to discuss with the organizations and supporters the possibility of activating this type of projects, and the prospect of working in Raqqa, after its liberation from daesh”.
He also noted that “there is continuous coordination among the offices of the organizations in the four regions (Manbej, Deir Al-Zour, Raqqa and Tabqa) in a good and continuous manner. The Syrian Democratic Council is trying to facilitate the work among these organizations and councils”.



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