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Psychological and moral support meeting in Ein Issa camp

In cooperation with the Ain Issa camp administration and the UNHCR, GOPA organization organized a meeting of psychological and moral support for women and children with the participation of a group of women and children in Ain Issa camp.

The General Coordinator of GOPA confirmed that the aim of the meeting is to support women and children psychologically, socially and morally, and to make them aware of their psychological condition after the circumstances they experienced under a supportive organization.

The organization launched training initiatives for wool knitting and sewing. A group of wool threads were distributed to the participants in the seminar. The women and girls volunteers were asked to do so to distribute them to the needy in the camp.

Among the exercises are teaching children some things to life, and there was a lesson to teach children about the subject of not carrying heavy things that harm the health of the spine.

At the end of the meeting, gifts were distributed to participants, volunteers and guests participating in the seminar.


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