Public Relations Office at Syrian Democratic Forces is holding a meeting with the people of the southern villages of Rural Srin

Following up the series of meetings held by the Office of Public Relations in Syrian Democratic Forces in Srin with the tribal and civil events and the people of the villages and towns to strengthen ties of brotherhood and cooperation between them and Syrian Democratic forces held yesterday the Office of Relations in Srin meetings with the villagers of the southern countryside.

 The meeting was held with a silence minute on the souls of Shahid. Aziz al-Ahmad, a member of the public relations office in Srin, gave a speech in which he stressed the close relationship between the Syrian Democratic Forces and their popular support from the North Syrian regime and that these forces are not extraneous but emanated from the core of those components in order to liberate them from terrorism and tyranny.

 Aziz also urged the people of these villages to cooperate and join the ranks of SDF, which will be the cornerstone of Syria’s next national army, far from all forms of fanaticism and racism, and that these forces, which did not spare too much to liberate the Syrian north, will not allow any force to think about its invasion or Occupy them again.

 At the end of the meeting, some of the questions asked by participants were answered to the Bureau of Relations.


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