Public Relations Office in Sarin meets many villages people

The Public Relations Office of the Syrian Democratic Forces held a meeting with the residents of the villages of Sarin in Ras Al-Ain,Tel Aswad and Karaf, east of Sarin village, in the village of Ras al-Ain.

Aziz Ahmad, the official of the office, talked about the objectives on which the Syrian Democratic Forces were founded in fighting terrorism and renouncing tyranny wherever it exists on the principle of the democratic nation and the brotherhood of peoples, which is a humanitarian principle that is far from sectarianism and ethnicity.

Al-Ahmad stressed that our forces are the core of the Syrian National Army; our forces will defend this land, which was liberated by the blood of its people. The hand that extends to these areas from any side would be cut and that the threats of the Syrian regime or the Turkish occupation of our areas will not increase us only determination and resistance.

Aziz Ahmed also called on to cooperate and join our ranks.

Hussein, a member in the office, also talked about the idea of brotherhood of peoples and that Syria for all its components, as well as we will contribute to the liberation of injustice, tyranny and terrorism.

At the end of the meeting, some of the questions asked by the parents were answered.


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