Raqqa Civil Council holds a meeting with demining organizations

In the framework of meetings held by Raqqa Civil Council with the organizations operating in the north of Syria, the Council held today 10-12-2017 its periodic meeting with the organizations Titr Tak and Mac demining specialists at the headquarters of the Council in Ain Issa town.

The meeting discussed the places where the mines were removed, such as the power stations and spare parts warehouses, some schools and bakeries in Raqqa city and other areas.

The coordination with the two organizations and providing them with new places for the presence of mines in order to return the people after cleaning places from the mines planted by ISIS.

The two organizations appreciated the work of the Civil Council, especially the Reconstruction Committee, which faces great challenges in the reconstruction of the city.

The representatives of the two organizations also talked about several places currently being cleaned, including the Children’s Hospital, Aqba Bin Nafie School, Tariq Bin Ziyad School, Al-Awda Private School, Fisheries and the Faculty of Civil Engineering.

They confirmed that the places that were completely cleaned were Omar bin Abdul Aziz School, the electricity station and the industrial school in al-Mashlab district, in addition to the former neighborhoods that were cleaned. They also put up notices and warning posters to raise awareness of the dangers of mines and their places everywhere in Raqqa cit

Mr. Abdullah Al-Arian, member of the Presidential Council of the Civil Council, spoke about the difficulties faced the Civil Council, especially with regard to the return of civilians to their homes because of the density of the mines that were cultivated by the Dahesh and that they took promises from the organizations to work inside the city center.

Saleh Mohammed, head of the services committee, spoke about the difficulties facing them as a service committee for civilians and that they are now working on rehabilitating the Beer al-Hashim drinking water station, which has been completely cleared of mines. It will start work after a week to cover the western neighborhoods of the city of Raqqa, A population of Raqqa.


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