Reconstruction Committee: Maintenance works for irrigation and water projects in Raqqa rural

The Reconstruction Committee of Raqqa Civil Council held a meeting with ARD Organization to discuss the work of the Organization to rehabilitate and clean irrigation channels.

 The work with ARD coordinator was discussed today to go to the work site and supervise the working mechanism and materials needed.

Nazmi Mohammed, vice chairman of the reconstruction committee, said that a memorandum was signed with the ARD organization, which will carry out maintenance and repair work for the irrigation channels in the rural areas.

As well as in AL-Safsafa drinking water station and provide the generator and repair,and in the coming days the mechanisms will begin to work in the canals, and repair the damaged parts and clean them from all impurities and plankton.

Nazmi pointed out that ARD has undertaken to provide financial support to the PRC in order to carry out this work. As far as possible, we are trying to reform these channels.

Nazmi noted that they have another project to repair the damaged roads and bridges destroyed as a result of the war that took place in this area.



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