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reconstruction committee qualified the pumping station in Kalata village

Raqqa Civil Council  works with all its energies to rehabilitate the infrastructure what was destroyed by ISIS or stolen.

In cooperation with a number of organizations, the Council works to rehabilitate schools, water pumps, electricity supply to villages and many other services that the Council seeks to provide.

The Rehabilitation Committee of the Civil Council is working on the project of rehabilitating and maintaining the Al-Kalta pumping station in cooperation with Consern in order to provide drinking water to the villages fed by this station and to reduce the burden on civilians who find it difficult to deliver water to their homes in addition to the material cost incurred.

The station is pumping water to dozens of villages with drinking water. The station includes 4 raw pumps that draw water from the canal to the fertilization basin and then to the filtration ponds and then a collection tank that is pumped to the villages by 5 pumps for 3 Kalta  and 2 for Bayr Saayd.

Work is being carried out to install the operating panels for fresh and pure water, rehabilitate a reservoir with a capacity of 1000 m3 and change sand, filters and sprinklers.

Work on the rehabilitation of the plant is also under way, including the processing of panels, maintenance of pumps, washing of filter sand and washing of collection basins.

It is worth noting that the reform workshops have been operating for a month and will be completed within 15 days.



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