Several projects are carried out in Tabqa

Many organizations got in Tabqa city after the liberation for rehabilitation, reconstruction and demining, in coordination with the civil council in the city to determine the mechanism of work within the city and its countryside.

These organizations include HOPE, the safe childhood center of Furat program, where the organization was founded immediately after the liberation, began working after getting a permit from the Organizations Office of Raqqa Civil Council.

The member of the public relations committee in this organization, Muhannad Al-Ahmad, confirmed that “many projects have been achieved, which includes removal of landmarks from the city and remove the blackness of the walls, and then we painted the sidewalks in heavenly and white, in addition to provide psychosocial support to children”.

He also confirmed that “we have several future projects, including the rehabilitation of parks and the playground of the municipal Tabqa, and contribute to the rehabilitation of the infrastructure of the city”.


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