Shahid Families Office completes his career in supporting the families of Shahid in Ayn Issa and its countryside

In order to honor AL-Shahid, the Office of Shahid Families at Syrian Democratic Forces distributed winter and food aid to Shahid families and who died in the battles of liberation and defend the land.

Where the Shahid Families Office in Ain Issa this morning distributed aid baskets, including food and winter clothing to each family of the martyrs in addition to heaters and substance Oil.

Khaled Abboud, member of Shahid Families Office at Syrian Democratic Forces, confirmed that they distributed food items, which are distributed periodically to the families of married and unmarried Shahid.

Ramadan Ramadan, director of financial families of Shahid, said: “About 300 families of Shahid in Raqqa city and its countryside and AL-Karama town and Bouhumid family in the countryside of Deir Al-Zour receive assistance, which included food and heating materials and we distribute any aid upon arrival from organizations that support to the families of Shahid through our constant demands to help them cover the needs of the families of the martyrs and we as families of Shahid we provide the amount of 25,000 Syrian pounds per family Shahid single and 25,000 Syrian pounds to the family of the married Shahid in addition to the amount of 3000 Syrian pounds for each child of his sons.”.

In an interview with the father of Shahid Faisal Al-Ahmad, who was martyred 29-9-2017 in the battles to liberate Raqqa city, Mr. Abdul Razzaq Al-Faseeh confirmed that the Office of the families of Shahid has paid him and provide him with money. The Office erected the tent of condolence and covered all the costs of consolation and that he received his food and winter share Full add to heater and fuel oil.

It is worth mentioning that the Office of the families of Shahid is continuously present in the presence of appropriate military decrees to bury Shahid in the martyrs cemetery in Tal Abyad and AL-Hukomia.



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