fighters of Asefat AL-Jazeera  stop attacking on the villages of Hamam and Jaras Sharqi.

Daesh tried today to take advantage of bad weather conditions in rural Deir AL-Zour and launched attacks on the SDF points. Fighters have attacked and killed 11 mercenaries amid continuing fighting.

Deir al-Zour witnessed a sandstorm this morning, blocking the vision, trying mercenaries to benefit from these weather conditions and launching attacks on the positions of the Syrian Democratic Forces. This afternoon, mercenaries attacked the fighters’ points in the villages of Hamam and Jaras Sharqi.

The fighters of the Syrian Democratic forces have monitored the movements of mercenaries and responded to their attacks and fierce fighting erupted in the vicinity of the villages, according to preliminary information has been killed so far 11 mercenaries in these clashes, while the three fighters of SDF to the rank of martyrdom.



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