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Foundation of Shahid families in Tel Abeyd provides support to Shahid family

Shahid sacrificed his lives cheaply in order to live with security and reassurance and gave his blood to defend his land and offer, and whatever we tried to honor and honor his family, we will not give him his rights.

In the framework of providing some honor to our Shahid, the Foundation of the families of the martyrs in Tal Abeyd city to provide assistance to the Shahid families and all the necessary needs, as well as the duty of condolence to the families of the martyr

Where Wahid Yasin Al-Abdullah, the joint head of the Martyrs ‘Families Foundation in Tel Abyed, talked about the nature of the assistance provided by the Foundation to the martyrs’ families.

After we present the proper decrees to the martyr and after burying the martyr in the cemetery of Shahid in the village of Sukariya, we prepare a tent for the families of Shahid in his house, and then we meet with the people of the town to offer condolences to Shahid.

Al-Abdullah went on to say that after the completion of the condolence, the institution of the families of Shahid takes care of the condolences. The Foundation also provides material support to Shahid wife and his children if he is married and this support serves as an aid because Shahid is not measured by money.

” Shahid sacrificed himself not for money but sacrificed for the liberation of the country and the liberation of humanity from injustice, tyranny and terrorism.

Al-Abdullah said that they are providing assistance to 223 children and about 150 wives and families, more than 250 families in the institution of the families of Shahid in Tal Abyed city.

Al-Abdullah appealed to all the forces and fighters to abide by the orders of the leaders and to abide by their movements because the dude left behind mines and remnants, which are more dangerous to them than battlefields.




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