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The harsh conditions bring the maintenance of Babour back to the fore

Babour (A small gas-fired furnace) is the old-fashioned handicrafts, but the harshness of the living conditions brought them back to the fore.

A challenge to reality and its problems The Syrian people proved that no problems can break their will and nothing can break their pride.

In Ein Issa camp for displaced persons, the craft and repair of the furnace returned to work to prove that it can adapt to all life conditions, however harsh and difficult.

Jasem Ramadan Haidar, one of the displaced people of Ain Issa camp, proved that he can challenge the circumstances and help the people through this craft, which people have forgotten, and become from the past, but the circumstances Abt but to show them publicly through the need of people.

Jassim says he manufactures and repairs more than a dozen babour a day and is happy that he has returned to work with his old craft to help displaced people and meet their needs

Ahmed Hassan Al-Obaid is also one of the builders and reformers of the babour in the camp proud of this craft and that he was able to do something to support his skin of the Syrians with all its components and spectra.

There will never be anything that will stand before the will of the Syrian people who have taught the world to stand firm and adapt to all circumstances and overcome all difficulties and obstacles that stand in the way of their progress.



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