The rain is a blessing for some and a curse upon the displaced people of Ain Issa camp

As the rain fall yesterday and preached that the winter had come with its generous gift and its delight with a beautiful weather and a fertile season, the joy flooded the hearts of everyone and the smile of their lips in all areas where the rain fall.

  But it was different for the displaced in Ain Issa camp. The rain did not have much fun because of the tents they did not get used to, and because of the winter weather.

After a rainy and stormy night, the suffering of the displaced people began to tear through some tents and water. Some images of the tragedy were also present today in the streets where water, mud,.

Where the displaced people of the camp began to repair the damaged of their tents and roads by opening simple sewage to pass the water that leaked out of their tents and settled in front of them and dry their clothes and mattress rain.

Most of the displaced people could not get out of their tents because of the mud and fear of the slippages that may occur with them, especially the elderly who can not walk and move in such cases.

Ahmed Abdalla, a displaced person from Raqqa in the camp, says that he could not sleep all night for fear of the fall of the tent, which had torn a par t from it, and that the cold did not mercy him and his family, and today he is repairing his tent and rehabilitating what was damaged Of which.


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