Vegetable market(AL-Hall) in Tabqa city is witnessing a remarkable recovery

Tabqa- All the markets in Tabqa city are very popular these days and crowded in the streets, as Tabqa has become a center of commercial activity, economic, social and cultural, as the city is witnessing a qualitative improvement in the level of services.

One of the most congested markets in the city is the daily unloading of dozens of truckloads of vegetables and fruit in the market. People come to buy fresh vegetables and fruit on a daily basis, some of which are distributed to vegetable shops in nearby neighborhoods and villages.

 It is known that Tabqa city and the province of Raqqa was producing summer vegetables and a small percentage of fruits, but in the past period and because of the wars witnessed by the decline of production more than half.

Most of the vegetables and fruits in the markets come from other provinces, by road, and the most famous vegetables available in the market today (potatoes, broccoli, cabbage, tomato and parsley). These types of vegetables are now in season and some are grown in green houses.

The fruits are mostly refrigerated (apples, bananas, oranges, kiwi, etc)

Prices have varied and varied according to the season of production and the lack of the type produced in the local market. Prices have decreased slightly due to the low price of diesel fuel. The price of diesel oil has fallen from 195 sp per liter to 90 sp which depends on fuel for trucks transporting vegetables and fruits from Long distances The prices in the market are considered fairly acceptable and suitable for all citizens.


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