HomemanshetWashington agrees with Tel Aviv to draw a strategy in countering Iranian expansion in Syria

Washington agrees with Tel Aviv to draw a strategy in countering Iranian expansion in Syria

The United States and Israel have agreed to form a joint working team to counter Iranian activity in the region, particularly on preventing Iranian military presence in Syria, confronting Hezbollah, as well as preparing for the day following the end of the war in Syria.

Israel’s national security adviser, Meir Ben Shabat, held a two-day secret talks with US National Security Advisor, Herbert Mcmaster and his security staff on 12th of this month, which led to the signing of a strategic cooperation document between the two countries to confront the expansion Iranian conflict in the region and its consequences in addition to draw detailed plans to confront it militarily, security and politically.

The agreement also included the formation of a second joint team to deal with Iran’s ballistic missile and Iran’s attempts to supply Hezbollah with strategic weapons, which is usually targeted by Israeli raids deep inside Syria, preventing Iran from establishing precision-missile factories in Syria and Lebanon.

The third working team will manage potential escalation scenarios in the region, which Iran might intervene, especially a war scenario with Hezbollah.

The fourth joint working team is managing secret operations and diplomatic efforts to abort Iran’s nuclear capability, working to ensure that Iran’s nuclear activity is monitored, Iranian breaches of the nuclear deal uncovered, additional diplomatic tools outside the nuclear deal are established to impose sanctions, in addition to the implementation of secret operations against Iranian nuclear activity.

US and Israeli sources said that strategic understanding included detailed action plans to confront Iran.

The Israeli Prime Minister, Benjamin Netanyahu, threatened to say that Israel will not allow the Iranian military position in Syria and will uncover the deadly and accurate weapons that target it, as he described

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