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 work of Sharek Forum participated in Tabqa city

On 10/12/2017 opened in Tabqa city Sharek Forum to identify the needs and requirements of the infrastructure and help women and children who suffered from  injustice and harshness of Dahesh during his rule the region.

Mohammed Al Azzawi, member of the Sharek Forum, said that the Forum provides the needs and everything necessary to rehabilitate the city’s infrastructure of water, services, agriculture and electricity in cooperation with the Youth Forum of Oxygen and Enma, and now focus on the most necessary needs.

Al-Azzawi said that we will repair the pumps and rehabilitate what has been destroyed by Daesh the main irrigation channels. In the health sector, we will rebuild the clinics and secure all their needs.

We will also work on rebuilding bridges, asphalt roads, building hospitals, demining, securing and repairing networks and cables, and securing specialized cadres.

As for education, Al-Azzawi said that they will rehabilitate damaged schools, create educational caravans instead of damaged schools, and establish rehabilitation and training courses to support civil initiatives that seek to open schools.

The forum works according to Al-Azzawi currently supporting the social sector through: The establishment of intellectual and dialogue seminars focusing on socialization and empowerment of women through seminars on violence against women, and finding a psychological recovery center providing psychological support, and care of children in all their forms and ages, To be effective in society.


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