A brief summary of last night fighting in Afrin

In the area of ​​Shara, and with the cover of heavy shelling heavy weapons, soldiers of the Turkish invasion and extremists tried to move towards the hill of Qustal, and there were simultaneous movements on the side of Mount Pavlon aimed at the same hill.

Our fighters were on the alert and ready to defeat the attackers and when they approached the points of concentration became the target of the fire of our forces, which directly hit the ranks of the attackers and killed them while the rest fled.

Similarly, there were movements of the soldiers of the Turkish invasion and its extremist allies in the axis of Maranaz, where our forces confronted and thwarted their attempt. This was followed by an exchange of heavy weapons. Our forces focused on targeting the military concentration points of the Turkish invasion soldiers and the terrorist factions in that axis.

In the area of ​​Jendiris and after all failed attempts by the forces of the Turkish invasion and AL-Nusra, the town and all its villages came under intense artillery shelling from yesterday night until the morning without stopping.

In the area of Shirawa and in the village of Burj Sulayman, the Turkish invasion army tried to advance towards the village. But our fighters resisted and opened fire on the attackers and returned them in their wake. Turkish planes bombed Basoufan village.

In Raju, our fighters destroyed two tanks of the Turkish invasion army in the villages of Amara and Komarshi, as a result of clashes and attempts to advance the Turkish army, which failed to achieve progress, followed by aerial bombardment in the middle of the night to the village of Hsharaka and Kafri Kri.



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