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A great demand for building materials increased in Raqqa City.

After the return and stability of Raqqa City, the people of Raqqa City began to build their destroyed homes through demolishing old houses and taking out the existing irons.  Then removing the effects of destruction to begin reconstruction, so the demand for building materials began increasing.

Iron is one of the essential elements in the construction. They take it out and repair and it is and reuse it for construction.

Issa Juma, one of the iron merchants in Raqqa City, confirmed that they were undertaking the housing buildings affected by the war and taking out iron and reusing. Despite the difficulty of this work, but it provides the people some of the construction expenses

Juma pointed out that the price of new iron is 275 thousand per ton, while the iron taken out from the buildings sold at a price of 180 thousand per ton and the citizen notes the difference between the two prices looking for the cheapest cost

Abdullah al-Nashif, one of the cement traders in Raqqa City, brings cement from Manbej City at a price lower than before. At present, the ton is sold for 40,000,000 SYP and it is cheap somehow for the people to buy it to build their homes.


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