A set of humanitarian projects for the people of Tabqa City and its countryside.

The Humanitarian Organization of the Sons of War began to work in Tabqa City after obtaining a permit from the Office of Organization Affairs in Tabqa on 10/12/2017

The engineer, Hani al- Awwad, a member of the Organization of Sons of War that the organization has a number of projects, including what is being implemented, including what is being studied for its implementation later
The most important projects currently being carried out by the organization, it is the project to provide assistance to people whose houses have been partially damaged such as the houses that have been burned or partially destroyed or damaged, such as doors and windows, which have problems with sanitation and others.

Al-Awwad said that most of these houses are inhabited by refugees for free. The organization is working to repair these houses after their original owners approved and verified their ownership of these houses while ensuring that the refugees stay in these houses for a long time

The second project began a week ago with the distribution of relief rations worth $ 200, including four blankets, four mattresses, a tent, several kitchen sets, detergents and children’s clothing.

“al-Awwad added that the project that they would do in the coming days is to distribute winter clothes to poor people who need them after we get the names of the poorest families from the Office of Organization Affairs.
Al-Awwad concluded that we have a future goal after we have carried out this successful experience in the cities of Manbej and Tabqa. It is to move to Raqqa City to provide our support and humanitarian assistance and contribute to the reconstruction of this city according to our available resources.


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