A tour of the Antiquities Committee at Jaabar Castle

There are many tourist and archaeological sites in Tabqa city , and the most important archaeological sites in Tabqa city is the castle of Jaaber, which is about 20 km away and the city of Raqqa 53 km

The Committee of Antiquities and Tourism in Tabqa city toured the castle of Jaaber where Salwa al-Janabi and Mohammed al-Jabal members of the Joint Presidency of the Committee on Tourism and Antiquities and with some of the members of the Committee inspected the castle, the purpose of the visit is to see the reality of the castle and develop a comprehensive vision to prepare a comprehensive study on the castle in order to make A center that attracts all people.

Salwa al-Janabi said that after seeing the reality of the castle, the castle first needs a cleaning process to show the aesthetic side of the castle. It needs a complete lighting set and the remains left behind in the castle, because it was used by a prison and a cache

Al Janabi noted that we will build a number of restaurants near the castle and add an aesthetic touch in its surroundings after preparing a comprehensive study of all these aspects.

“We are currently seeking to restore and clean most of the archaeological sites in the city of the layer and then introduce these sites to make it attractive to tourists and the people of the region and all of this falls within the development of the city of the class in all areas of life.

It is worth mentioning that this castle was restored in the past but neglected in the past seven years, while in terms of the site of the castle, it rises about 50 meters and overlooking the river Euphrates, a castle of Surin contains many of the towers of more than 35 towers, some ribbed and some half circular , The most destroyed, and in the center of the castle a mosque left only his ear and a number of buildings left only impact.


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