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About 2,000 cases of Leishmaniasis are treated by the Health Center of al-Hishah

Leishmania is a skin disease that has a clear effect where sting or severe skin deformities are not treated, and the only carrier of this disease is the sand fly that is active and multiplying from March to June.

A sand fly is a silent lazy mosquito. When it flies, it cannot fly long distances that it doesn’t rise more than 3 meters. There are more of them in dark and wet places and between garbage and places suitable for their lives in homes.

This fly is not harmful if it stings the site of a previous infection in a person because it carries the disease. So, it is recommended that all injuries to cover the location of the infection until the treatment and disappearance of the scar caused by the sting.

Al-Hishah Village, which is located the north of Ain Issa Town, 2000 cases of the disease have been discovered according to the official of the cases of Leishmania, Mustafa Karim, and they are being treated now at the center.

There is a center in al- Hishah Village to treat leishmania (Aleppo Grain) or the gain of the year as called in the colloquial language, and the most cases are children

Jassim al-Hussein is infected in leishmania. He has been infected for more than six months when he was working in Turkey and is now dealing in the Leishmania Centre.

Karim appealed to all medical institutions and organizations working to help and provide medicine because the medicine was run out of the medical center in the village and to increase the medical centers to accommodate the treatment of the injured. He also appealed to the villagers and called for campaigns in the village and nearby villages for fear of spreading the disease in other areas.


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