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Academy of Democratic Society opens its fifth session in Ain Issa town

The Academy of Democratic Society opened the fifth session in Ain Issa town under the name of the course of Shahid  Fatima Al-Khabour. The course is an intellectual and cultural lessons for the Qu’minat(The person who cares about the neighborhood( and the heads of the departments and the civil councils.

Where Khalaf al-Abd Allah, the administrative officer of the Academy, confirmed that the duration of the course is 20 days and the course is closed from January 1, 2018 until January 30, 2018. It consists of 29 members who receive intellectual, cultural, political and democratic lessons and learn about the meaning of federalism and learning about how to qualify. Councils, communes and municipalities.

Vian Raqqa confirmed the responsible for giving lessons in the Academy that there is a great response from the heads of councils and the Cominians, and the purpose of these lessons on the management of the Councils and there is a response through participation and criticism.

One of the participants in this session, Mohammed Yasser Hamid Komein Farm of Cordoba informed us that the lessons are of great importance in our lives and our society, we learned how to co-existence and that there are no layers separated because the democratic society does not accept racism and others.

As for Raim Khalid Ahmed, who works in Raqqa Civil Council confirmed that it benefited a lot of information and benefit increasingly day by day and know the terms and the importance of training and self-criticism for each person

It is worth mentioning that all participants expressed their willingness to extend this session for additional days because of what they learned from this intellectual session to benefit more.



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