Afforestation campaign for gardens and roads in Tabqa area

A campaign to reforest the gardens and roads and rotary in Tabqa city began yesterday. The campaign was attended by the Democratic Civil Administration, the people’s municipality of Tabqa and a number of its councils and cominaries.

Gamal Abdel Latif, the joint head of the Environment Committee of the People’s Municipality in Tabqa , told us about this campaign:

An afforestation and decoration campaign in the city began with gardens and shrubs to re-plant because these trees have not been watered for six years.

“This project comes as part of the projects presented at our meeting on January 3, 2018. We have planted several types of plants and trees, including forest trees, fruit trees and decorative plants.

After completing this project, Al-Abd Al-Latif concluded, “We will go to the rural areas of Tabqa town, including Safsafa, Mansoura and the surrounding villages. We will help the local councils in the countryside to re-cultivate the entire area of ​​the strata and its countryside.



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