HomedialogueAl-Barazi roundabout witness the injustice and torture of Daesh

Al-Barazi roundabout witness the injustice and torture of Daesh

Daesh is stole of all that is beautiful, loved us, our relatives, our homes, and our cities All of this was lost under the dust of war and lost its features behind the smoke of the guns during the war that the city experienced and cast a shadow over the features of our children and the patience of our elders and the most beautiful beauty of our country. The landmarks of its fascinating history. Its beautiful names were killed, and the places were replaced by different names.

“Al-Barazi Roundabout” is the name given to this square in the city of Raqqa by a person named Mahmoud Al-Barazi, one of the most prominent people of Al-Raqqa. This was confirmed by a citizen named Abu Muhammad, Statue on this rotor, but after the dashing control was broken and the statue destroyed and the age of this rotor from 1985 named After the control of the city on the dizziness of death.

Al-Barazi roundabout, or what is known as the death roundabout  among the people of the city of Raqqa, is one of the signs of torture, cutting and suspension of the heads and the crucifixion of anyone who contravenes the laws and instructions set by the organization in his constitution.

Al Barazi roundabout is located in the eastern part of the city, at the intersection of the two Corniche streets from the roundabout of the Dalla, the Industrial Street leading to the Old Hall Market, and the old archaeological wall.

The agricultural bank, which was a prison where all those who violate its laws, both civilians and elements, is located near the roundabout before embarking on operations that are not related to humanity.

This rotor will remain witness to the oppression and torture of mercenaries.



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