Al-Kardosh: I refused to give him the keys of my car and he explode it

It is common knowledge that terrorism has no purpose and no religion, and that it does not abide by any law and violates everything that respects humanity. Terrorism is an act that inflicts violence on individuals and groups and negates the blessing of security and safety. It creates an atmosphere of tension and fear, Politically injurious to a particular community, or an ideology that harms the lives or installations of individuals.
In one of the neighborhoods of al-Shaddadi, Suleiman al-Kardush, who was hit by terrorism, lives in one of his failed infiltrations.
In an interview with him about the impact of terrorism, he said:

“The love of the homeland and the land pushed me to sacrifice myself so that no one of the military would be able to maintain our security and safety in the city, which was subjected to repeated infiltrations. One time, one of these terrorists infiltrated my house and asked me to give my keys to carry out a suicide attack against SDF, and I rejected this with an argument between me and him and a quarrel forced him to get out of my house entered In the hidden . ”
“This terrorist took revenge on me in his own way, where he planted a mine in my car and blew it up in retaliation for me, which caused me many problems,” he said. “I lost my car from car shipping and damaged my house.”

At the end of his speech, Al-Kardoush stressed that the international community should work to eliminate terrorism and terrorism, whether through military, economic and even media campaigns, and to get rid of the countries that support and finance it. He appealed to the concerned authorities to help him and compensate him.


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