AL-Malyk Falafel Restaurant opens its doors again in Raqqa city

In Spite of the destruction in the neighborhood located within the Rasheed Park and the destruction of all infrastructure and shops, the craftsmen began cleaning and repair to follow the earning of their daily nurture. The “King” Restaurant for Falafel is one of the most famous and oldest restaurants in Raqqa City.

It is back to work today in spite of spreading destruction around it and it began working as it did after the city was destroyed by The ISIS .None was saved from this destruction. And the return of this restaurant, all memories of the people of Raqqa including children and women and young people returned too.

This return gives peace and safety to all people in Raqqa and abroad that life did not stop and it is continuing. This achievement began to show signs of victory that Raqqa City will return as it was before by the efforts of all people and the SDF and I the internal security forces and the Civil Council of Raqqa and the efforts of the owner of the restaurant. It is worth mentioning that the people of the countryside whenever they came to the city, they visit this restaurant and eat and restore their memories.



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