Avesta Khabour is the symbol of resistance of the times against Turkish terrorism

Avista Khabor started a new phase of resistance, and will be the title of it, facing the invaders and occupiers.
The resistant Afrin, which received its resistance flame from Kobani, is getting more shine by the pure blood of her sons who are making heroic epics day by day against the terrorists of the age. Today another heroic fighter from the peace land of Afrin rises up to the sky of freedom crowning the heroic resistance which entered its second week against the Turkish invasion army and its brutality.
The martyred fighter in YPJ and the member of ante-terror Units(YAT), Avesta Khabour , was a courageous fighter who never hesitated to carry out the tasks assigned to her, no matter how difficult they were. Today, she confronted with her pure body Ardogan’s army and its criminal terrorists in order not to spoil the land of Afrin.
With the martyrdom of Avista Khabur, the heroic resistance of Afrin enters a new stage in this dirty war imposed on our people and several countries have conspired to serve their temporary interests at the expense of our people who seek to live in freedom, dignity and brotherhood in Syria which we see it as our homeland and must embrace all its people equally and fairly.
The martyrdom of Avista Khabour is a message to all of us to accelerate our struggle and resistance against the occupiers with all means to prove for the whole world that we are ready to sacrifice ourselves to gain free life. Our people in north Syria who want to be live free and be master of himself, will not be dependent on any party and will not be involved in the agendas of conflicting countries. Our people wanted to be self-dependent since the start of public movement and people’s spring , taking the self-defense as a base for them. This concept of self-defense was the nucleus to form our forces which stands today against the most powerful army in the meddle-east and the terrorists who invaded our countries and terrorized its people.
Our forces started from the popular committees which was protecting neighborhoods and villages, then evolved to protect our cities and today it is a professional force which protect north of Syria within a political system that includes all of social components. This force which was born out of Syrian patriotic womb, and stood against the dark projects of Daesh,Qaeda and the Turkish Ardogan, stands today on behalf of the Syrian people against Turkish fascism and attacks.
Our martyred comrade, Avesta Khabour, proved that the Turkish army and Al-Qaeda terrorists who gathered in north of Syria specifically in Afrin, will not be able to defeat the will of our people and forces despite using inhuman and internationally prohibited methods against our people and forces in this war. Our forces are waging face to face combat against them proving to the world that we are going to resist until the last moment and win. The Turkish invasion army and its terrorist allies who spread like the cancer in Syria, will receive fierce resistance in Afrin similar to the one in Kobani.
Afrin, whose trees were sprinkled with the blood of our martyrs, like Avista Khabour, will triumph. We took our decision that we would confront them behind every stone and olive tree. We will confront the Turkish army in every street, house and village. The sultanate project of Ardogan will be destroyed by the rock of resistance in Afrin.
We in the General Command of People’s Protection Units (YPG) pledge our people that Avista Khabour will be a symbol of our guidance and a compass for our way and struggle against the invaders and terrorists. Every fighter in our Units will defend like Avista defending his land and people. We will cling to our trenches until we overpower the Turkish army and its allies and we will give the victory to our people and to our martyrs.
Eternity for the Martyr Avista Khabour
Either victory or victory
Resistance is life
General Command of People’s Protection Units- YPG

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