HomemanshetBattle news and outcome of clashes in Shahba’a province on 27-jan-2018

Battle news and outcome of clashes in Shahba’a province on 27-jan-2018

Heavy clashes broke out between SDF and the Turkish invasion army with its extremist factions in Shahba’a province. The clashes began at 12:30 AM and lasted until dawn hours.
At 12:00 PM, the Turkish occupation army and its mercenaries launched separate attacks on Shahba’a province, accompanied by violent respond by SDF against these attacks. At 1:00 am, SDF forces launched attacks on 3 points for the Turkish army in Twais village. Also SDF targeted 2 Turkish bases in Gul-Jebrin village in Azaz, and another Turkish base near Mare’a in addition to Kafra base near Sha’alah village and a point for mercenaries in Tel Maled using heavy weapons. While the Turkish army with Euphrates Shield mercenaries bombed 51 shells on the villages of Tel Jijan,Shaba’a Dam, Tel Madeq and Tel Refat.
These violent clashes lasted until 5:00 PM, accordingly a number of Turkish soldiers and the mercenaries were killed, 13 of them were confirmed dead last night, as there were other casualties whose numbers were not confirmed. Three people were confirmed dead in the village of Twais, two in Ein Dakneh and more than eight in the remaining points of engagement, as well as dozens of wounded.
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