Child labor between need and lack of awareness

Child labor is a social problem that is spread all over the world, but it varies from one country to another. We find it in Syria as a result of the wars that plague the country, which forced the society to provide child labor to make a living.

Many of these children are deprived of schooling because their parents ‘conditions are poor, especially physical, some of them due to their families’ backwardness and lack of cultural awareness.

They look at their peers, who are receiving school education with a look of great sorrow, and glorify the future, and dream of those who can help them to save them from backwardness, ignorance and those who take them out of this quagmire..

The 10-year-old Malik from Raqqa traveled with her family to Ein Issa camp and worked in a food shop to help her family, all of them wishing she could complete her studies so that she would someday be a teacher as her small heart dreams.

As for the problem of the child Bashar doubling a child working in the place where the work is unacceptable, he works in a cafe to help his family and help his father, who was a teacher, is now displaced and unemployed.

These children, like many others, appeal to the merciful hearts to rid them of their bitter reality, to seek to secure their better life and to bring them into school.

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