Children of Raqqa : smiles from above the rubble

Out of the rubble their smiles split the sky, their innocent looks defy all their destruction, and in their words we say here, from the womb of our child’s suffering, we feed every day of our love for our land, which our people taught us how to love.

They are Raqqa children, the young men who have faced the greatest oppression, deprivation and homelessness, and with their smiles still hope for the reconstruction of their city, and their laughter begins to fill the beaten alleys of Raqqa.

With the displacement of the people of the city of Raqqa because of the battles of liberation against the organization of Daesh, the children of  Raqqa with their different ages suffered the bitterness of displacement, and bear the burdens of the adults of the hardship of displacement and migration, after the exposure of many children to violations of the organization calling for the right of the terrorist from the school seats to the training grounds and camps established by He organized a preacher to train children and what they called ” Ashbal  al- Calapha” , exploiting their weak awareness of what was going on around them, making them time bombs.

The two children, Abdullah al-Yasin, 15, and 14-year-old Abdullah Marzouq, have been working in the industry for three years because they did not join or attend school for fear of being taken to training camps. They are now waiting for their school to reopen and complete their studies in which.

The stories of the children we read before they slept are now a daily life for children in Raqqa city. The trips of Sindbad became very simple in front of what the children of Raqqa had done in migration. Ali-Baba was facing forty thiefs, but the children of Raqqa encountered thousands of thieves and murderers from Daesh.

In every neighborhood of  Raqqa city, children are playing cautiously in front of their homes waiting for the day they roam without fear of a mine here or an explosive device from there.



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