Cleaning the martyrs’ shrine in al-Shaddadi as part of the campaign of uprising

As part of the campaign( uprising )to demand the Arab Youth Movement in cooperation with the municipalities in the city of Shaddadi organized a clean campaign for the martyrs’ shrine in the city

The campaign was attended by dozens of young men and women of the city who cleaned the whole shrine. “This campaign is one of the projects planned within the campaign. We also carried out a clean campaign for the city,” said Harith Aziz

“We, as a young people, express a small part of what the martyrs of this land deserve from the sacrifices and sacrifices we have made for the freedom of the people.

The youth Ahmed Al-Mousa, one of the participants in the campaign said that the campaign of cleanliness inside the shrine is a thank-you for their pure lives and if not for sacrifices, we would not be in this place today, it is my duty as a youth and all young people in general to We offer a token of loyalty to them, even if the simplest things.


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