Committee of Education in the Civil Council moves its offices to Mashlab district

Raqqa  Civil Council seeks to restore life to Raqqa  city, and to find out the conditions of the people in the city through the transfer of offices from the town of Ain Issa, to keep pace with the return of life, and to meet the needs of the people and their service, and these offices Bureau of Education

Ali al-Shanan, head of the Education committee at the Civil Council, confirmed that the Education Office was transferred to Al-Mashlaab neighborhood in Raqqa  city.

Al-Shanan pointed out that they have been protected by the ISF. Eight schools are currently being equipped in Raqqa city, 5 of which are waiting for the engineering teams to clear the mines, including a school in the Rumaila neighborhood and a school in the Saif Al-Dawda neighborhood

Most of the committees affiliated with CCR have been transferred to Al-Mashlab district. These committees include the Education Committee and the Reconstruction Committee.


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